Cushing’s syndrome | 7 Important Points

What are the symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome (Hypercortisolism)? Cushing’s syndrome is the result of having elevated levels of cortisol in your body. Cortisol, or hydrocortisone, is a hormone released by your adrenal gland. It regulates such processes as sugar production and metabolism in the body, so if you have too considerably or again little, there […]

ADNP Syndrome | 5 Important Points

Exact Study and Unbiased Analysis of ADNP Syndrome ADNP syndrome is a rare genetic abnormality that can be passed down from mother to child. The disease is particularly intriguing because the cells within the body deteriorate over time, causing brain damage and progressive muscle atrophy. Despite the complicated nature of ADNP Syndrome, this article hopes […]

Muenke Syndrome | 7 Important Points

Muenke Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and More Muenke syndrome was first identified in 1973. There are currently only about 1000 known cases of this disorder, so it is pretty rare. In terms of symptoms, the condition causes varying degrees of microcephaly (a small head size) and microcephaly (a huge head size). Intellectual ability can vary […]

Goltz Syndrome | 6 Important Points

Goltz Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Prognosis The Goltz syndrome is a rare genetic condition with variable ocular phenotypes and cutaneous abnormalities. Some of the common characteristics seen in this disorder include intrauterine and perinatal growth retardation, facial dysmorphism, and genital hypoplasia. They may have short stature and low birth weight, but there is no significant […]

Rotor Syndrome | 7 Important Points

Genetic and Mechanistic Basis of Rotor Syndrome. – NIH GARD Located in Rockville, the NIH GARD institute is an international leader in genetic and mechanical science. Their mission: explore mechanisms of complex traits through advanced genomics, biology, chemistry, and modeling approaches. They hope to uncover disease risk factors and identify ways to stop, prevent, cure, […]

Omenn Syndrome | 6 Important Points

Omenn Syndrome: What Is It and How Does it Affect? A little bit of history In 1991, Omenn syndrome was characterized as a disorder caused by the human leukocyte antigen-B27 gene with no corresponding organism. 1 It is now defined as seronegative spondyloarthropathy. 2 It is most prevalent in young males, with an estimated frequency […]

Seat Belt Syndrome | 5 Important Points

What You Should Know About Compensation for Seat Belt Syndrome Compensation for victims of seat belt syndrome is not something we hear about every day. This can be because many people suffer from it and don’t realize they do, or because they figure the condition is so normal they cannot be compensated. What Is Seat […]

Swimmer Syndrome | 5 Important Points

What is Swimmer Syndrome? Learn the Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments Swimmer’s shoulder is a common medical condition where swimmers tend to develop problems with the rotator cuff due to repetitive overhead movements. Shoulder pain and loss of motion are typical signs, but no one treatment works for every person because many factors are involved. Many […]

Susac Syndrome | 5 Important Points

Susac Syndrome – What You Need to Know About it? When it comes to health, most of us think that there is nothing we can do about the illnesses and other problems associated with old age. While this may be true for many things that afflict us, there are some exceptions to the rule, like […]

PHACE Syndrome | 5 Important Points

PHACE Syndrome – Medical Condition, Symptoms, Diagnosis In a last-ditch effort to diagnose your child, your doctor may be considering PHACE syndrome. While having this disorder does not mean that your child is unattractive or unfit for athletic activities, it leads to several symptoms and issues during childhood. Here are some swift tips to aid […]

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