Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Vs Autism | 7 Important Points

The Simplest Guide to Understand the Difference Between Autism and Down Syndrome Today, learning about children and their disorders seems daunting. Children with autistic spectrum disorder present with a range of behavioral issues and, as such, can be mistaken for children with Down syndrome. Down Syndrome It is a genetic disorder in which the full […]

Down Syndrome in Kittens | 4 Essential Points

Down Syndrome in Kittens – 4 Fascinating Feline Facts About “Kitten Down Syndrome People who love kittens do not have to wait until they are “big cats” (as the old song says) to find these animals fascinating. Having no interest in farming, I never learned much about diseases of kittens before reading an excellent article […]

Down Syndrome Icd 10 | 6 Important Points

Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder diagnosed prenatally or after birth. It’s caused by the presence of an extra chromosome, which can cause cognitive delays, short stature, unusual facial features, and sometimes heart problems. Treatments for ICD 10 Code Down Syndrome involve providing adaptive equipment, teaching adaptive behavior skills, and providing interventions for medical conditions. […]

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