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Short Sleeper Syndrome | 8 Important Points

How short sleeper syndrome affects the Body, Mind, and activities of people For most of us, sleep is such a regular thing. Many of us do not think about how much we are or are not sleeping or the effects that our lack of sleep can have on us, although this could come back to […]

Myofascial Pain Syndrome | 6 Important Points

How I Cured My Myofascial Pain Syndrome (Fibromyalgia) Are you living with constant pain that hasn’t been diagnosed? If so, you’re not alone. These conditions can be hard to identify, and because many don’t know how to deal with them, it provokes a lot of stress on your life. What is myofascial pain syndrome? Myofascial […]

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Surgery | 4 Important Points

What You Need to Know About Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Surgery The thoracic outlet syndrome occurs when you have an abnormal pressure in the area where your nerves and blood vessels pass through a narrow opening or canal. The most common cause of TOS is repeated arm motion such as typing or putting on makeup. Some […]

Blau syndrome | 6 Important Points

Blau Syndrome: How You Can Overcome the Unknown Unknowns? Because of our short lifespan on earth and the high rate at which we are adopting change, it is not unlikely that you may never know many things. More importantly, I would like to discuss why it’s a good thing! 1 – Completeness 2 – Validity […]

Van Der Woude Syndrome | 7 Important Points

What Is van der Woude Syndrome? Early Signs and Symptoms of This Genetic Disorder Van der Woude syndrome, also called Verworren’s disease, is a condition that causes craniofacial abnormalities. It is also associated with other complications affecting the brain, eyes, and heart. There are only roughly 300 cases of van der Woude syndrome globally, making […]

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