Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Surgery | 4 Important Points

What You Need to Know About Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Surgery The thoracic outlet syndrome occurs when you have an abnormal pressure in the area where your nerves and blood vessels pass through a narrow opening or canal. The most common cause of TOS is repeated arm motion such as typing or putting on makeup. Some […]

Adams-Oliver syndrome | 7 Important Points

Adams-Oliver syndrome: The Latest Research and Scientific Advice on How to Treat Adams-Oliver New scientific studies produce some of the most advanced learning on developmental defects. These discoveries give rise to treatment options that are better and healthier than ever before. What is Adams-Oliver syndrome? Adams-Oliver syndrome is a rare disorder that affects the development […]

Cadasil Syndrome | 7 Important Points

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Cadasil Syndrome Brain health diseases like Cadasil Syndrome can cause permanent damage to the areas in your brain that control critical tasks such as memory, speech, and reading comprehension. This can have far-reaching impacts on an individual’s quality of life. As many as 125 million people worldwide suffer from chronic […]

Blau syndrome | 6 Important Points

Blau Syndrome: How You Can Overcome the Unknown Unknowns? Because of our short lifespan on earth and the high rate at which we are adopting change, it is not unlikely that you may never know many things. More importantly, I would like to discuss why it’s a good thing! 1 – Completeness 2 – Validity […]

Famous People With Angelman Syndrome | 6 Points

Famous People With Angelman Syndrome: Angelman syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that affects the development of the nervous system. Many famous people are afflicted with this condition and can inspire others not to give up, no matter how difficult life may seem. Whether they were born with this disorder or contracted it later in […]

Down Syndrome Icd 10 | 6 Important Points

Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder diagnosed prenatally or after birth. It’s caused by the presence of an extra chromosome, which can cause cognitive delays, short stature, unusual facial features, and sometimes heart problems. Treatments for ICD 10 Code Down Syndrome involve providing adaptive equipment, teaching adaptive behavior skills, and providing interventions for medical conditions. […]

Van Der Woude Syndrome | 7 Important Points

What Is van der Woude Syndrome? Early Signs and Symptoms of This Genetic Disorder Van der Woude syndrome, also called Verworren’s disease, is a condition that causes craniofacial abnormalities. It is also associated with other complications affecting the brain, eyes, and heart. There are only roughly 300 cases of van der Woude syndrome globally, making […]

Turcot Syndrome | 7 Important Points

What you Must Know About Turcot Syndrome Turcot syndrome can cause problems in the urinary tract, bones, endocrine system, and eyesight. It is similar to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, making it easy for muscle injuries. By knowing the symptoms of this disorder, you can be sure to seek medical attention immediately and treat it sooner, which could […]

Sjögren’s Syndrome Diet | 6 Important Points

How to Handle Your Sjögren’s Symptoms With Diet Sjögren’s Syndrome is a disease that causes the body to attack healthy, functioning tissue and organs. Sjögren’s patients are now learning about how their diet can improve their quality of life, especially when it comes to symptoms caused by dehydration. Our expert offers some tips for those […]

Doose Syndrome | 6 Important Points

What is Doose Syndrome, and How is it Diagnosed? Sometimes physicians may not pinpoint the exact cause of a condition or symptom. Due to this, they may label it as “idiopathic, “which means unknown. This can sometimes lead to frustration and uncertainty when trying to find relief. With that said, here are some familiar signs […]

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