Solo Flying Course – 3 day

This challenge course proving you can experience independent solo flying in 3 day.

  • day 1 :
    • flying principal :
    • introduction of equipment and each function
    • simulation
    • concept of ground handling
  • day 2 :
    • ground handling
    • safety clinic
    • emergency rescue procedure
  • day 3 :
    • ground handling
    • solo flying 1-3 times

2 thoughts on “Solo Flying Course – 3 day

  1. I wanted to become a paragliding pilot. Will the 3 day solo flying coarse will earn me a certificate or license to paraglide anywhere? How much will it cost me?

    1. Hi Roland.
      3 days course is intro program only up to solo flying.
      You can have student license after course.
      It cost 15t pesos, and it can be extended up to 5days.
      You can send me email if you need more information.
      Thanks, Max Lee.

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