Max Lee


  • 1988 : Start Hanggliding
  • 1991 : Start Paragliding
  • 1992 : Hanggliding Instructor for university club, Design and fabrication hangglider
  • 1995 : Hanggliding & Paragliding instructor for Hyundai company flying club
  • 1997~ 2004 : Korean Hanggliding national pilot and team leader
    Joined XC world championship Australia, Italy, Spain
    Speed world Hanggliding championship in Greece
  • 1999~2004 : KHPGA(Korean Hanggliding Paragliding Association) Director
    Korean league examiner
    Personal School Operation (Cloudbase Flying Schoool) as a Hanggliding & Paragliding Instructor
  • Hanggliding and Paragliding commercial instructor since 2000
  • 2002 : Safety Clinic passed with competition glider(Boomerang) issued by Jocky Sanderson
  • 2002~2004 : Test Pilot of Gin Gliders
  • 2009 : First Tandem Flying Operation in Philippines
    First Paragliding Regular Course Operation in Philippine

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  1. You guys are awesome,it was realy a wndrful time joining your group,nothing can bit the adventure of these team,theyr like a group of birds that fly,your the best guys,

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